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Looking for a steady supply of honest pre-owned cars direct from the owner? Car Connector can help.

How it works for trade buyers

Can't source enough pre-owned cars to keep up with the demands of your dealership or group?


The answer is simple. Tell Car Connector what you’re looking for and I’ll present you with fully appraised vehicles that perfectly match your specific requirements.


For a flat fee (starting from as little as £175), you will have the peace of mind of knowing exactly what you’re buying – no unpleasant surprises when the car arrives at your dealership! The price you’ll pay for the car will be based on a thorough appraisal and its true trade market value, so you’ll be able to sell it on quickly and with the profit margin you’re looking to achieve. 


Get the right car at the right price with Car Connector!

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Why buy your pre-owned cars via Car Connector?

  • Join my network of car buyers and receive a regular supply of honest, high-quality used vehicles – no ex-rentals or auction lucky dips!

  • Know exactly what you’re buying before you bid so you can accurately work out your profit margin and factor in any costs required to bring the car to retail.

  • Buying through a trusted, IMI-accredited motor industry professional with over a decade of experience means total peace of mind for you the buyer.

  • I personally inspect every vehicle and create a detailed car profile and condition report rather than relying purely on information provided by the seller.

  • Car Connector provides far more than a registration number and mileage report, which dramatically reduces the risk of buying a pre-owned vehicle with faults and no margin in it*.

*There is an element of risk when you buy a used car. I’m confident that my appraisal will pick up any faults and highlight them in the condition report, but I bear no responsibility for any faults that develop or become evident post-sale.

Join my network of trusted trade buyers

Would you like to join my network of used car buyers and enjoy the benefits of receiving profiles of the most thoroughly appraised pre-owned vehicles in the motor industry?


Reputation is everything, so I’m looking to partner with car retailers, dealerships and group buyers in Essex, Suffolk and the UK that can offer my private sellers a smooth, hassle-free and efficient transaction once a sale has been agreed.


If you’d like to find out more about Car Connector or would like to apply to join my trade network, please get in touch.

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