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Car Seller FAQs

Thinking of selling your pre-owned car via Car Connector, but have some questions? You should find the answers here.

  • How does it work if my vehicle is on a PCP contract?
    Not a problem. This will be factored into the buyer’s valuation and they will clear any outstanding finance and pay you the difference. If the finance agreement is in negative equity then you will have to pay the buyer the difference; however, you may have rights that help you with this. I’m happy to advise you on the best option.
  • What if my used car is older than 12 years old?
    It’s worth getting in touch anyway. If you have a classic car or something a bit special, I’m happy to come take a look and see if I can find a buyer. Failing that, for a flat fee of £99 I can create a professional ad for Autotrader (or similar) to help you sell your pre-owned vehicle quickly and for the best price possible.
  • What does your appraisal / condition report cover?
    I could tell you but then I’d have to kill you. Rest assured, it’s one of the most thorough and detailed used car appraisals out there. It also includes high-quality photographs to do justice to your pride and joy, ensuring you get the best price for your previously owned vehicle.
  • How much does it cost to sell my vehicle through Car Connector?
    Not a bean. My fee is covered by the trade buyer so selling through me is totally risk-free!
  • Will I get more for my car than part exchanging or using an online valuation company?
    Yes. I can practically guarantee it.
  • What if my used car is in poor condition?
    A bit of cosmetic damage is fine, e.g. minor scuffs or small car parking marks and dents; however, damage will be reflected in the buyers’ bids if unrepaired. I have no buyers for total loss, stolen recovered, written-off or non-repaired vehicles.
  • Do I have to bring my vehicle to you for the appraisal?
    No. I’ll come to you, either at home or at work, at a time that suits you.
  • How long does an appraisal take to complete?
    You should allow up to 30 minutes. What can I say, I’m a very thorough car appraiser.
  • Do you need to test drive my vehicle?
    I don’t need to drive the vehicle personally, but I will require you to take me for a spin around the block so I can listen out for any telltale signs of mechanical failure.
  • How long until I get the money?
    I negotiate the sale on your behalf so you’re paid directly by the buyer. Due to my vast network of trade buyers, sales are usually negotiated within 24-48 hours. No one really wants to sell their car in 60 seconds anyway, do they?
  • Are my personal details shared with your buyer network?
    No. Just the vehicle report initially. Your details are only shared once a sale has been negotiated.
  • Do you take a % commission from the sale price?
    No. I charge a fee which is paid by the trade buyer. There is no cost to the seller.
  • How many buyers are in your network?
    Lots. And they all know and trust me. Suffice to say, I’m connected with the biggest and best (and most trusted) car dealerships in the UK and I’m establishing new relationships all the time. No auctions or online valuation companies.
  • Do you always have buyers lined up?
    I only take on pre-owned cars that I know my buyers are looking for. I have a vast community of trade buyers and I know who is buying what and when and target them accordingly.
  • Will I have to take my car to the buyer once sold?
    No, they will collect the car from you, unless otherwise agreed.
  • Once you’ve appraised my car, how long does the buyer’s valuation last?"
    No. My appraisals are trusted by the buyer, so unlike some companies, you’ll receive the price we have agreed to. No unpleasant surprises at collection, unless of course, something happens between the initial appraisal and collection. As long as you tell us what has happened, we can usually work something out.
  • Is there a lower and upper limit for the value of used cars you’ll consider?
    As my buyers represent retail and dealerships, generally they won’t consider pre-owned cars worth less than £2,000, but it’s worth calling as I may be able to help. There is no upper limit. I work with buyers who are happy to pay £1m+ for the right car or even buy entire collections.
  • Can I sell my modified, imported or high-mileage car through Car Connector?"
    Modified cars can be a hard sell so I prefer to stick to unmodified, right-hand drive cars with 2 to 8 seats, no more than 80,000 miles and a full service history, please.
  • Does the V5 vehicle logbook have to be in my name?
    Yes, the V5 must be in the seller’s name and I will need to see a valid ID (passport or driver’s license).
  • What areas does Car Connector cover?
    I have a relationship with trade buyers all over the UK, but initially, I will only be working with private car sellers in Essex and Suffolk.
  • Can I sell my van or motorcycle through Car Connector?
    Just private cars with 2-8 seats at the moment I'm afraid. No motorbikes or commercial vehicles.
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